Monday, May 22, 2006

Where has the time gone

It is May 06 and I am already trying to plan Jack's 2nd birthday party. I am thinking at the Como Zoo would be different.
My sister had Tina's at the MN zoo when she turned 2 and it was fun.

He is growing up SO quickly. I am having one of those days where I get bleary eyed thinking about him and missing him while at work..

I read a great blog about another mom whose kids were older and how she missed the moments.

Wished she had recorded more of the details of what they did, ate, said etc. and already I feel like I am not doing this with Jack.

He is able to say a few more words now: cheese, house, daddy, momma, non, off, kitty cat, lights, up, Black, grandpa and he calls Grandma Joan "momma" too.
He knows the letters D, M, J , G and O
He knows many more words if we ask him to identify an item.

He loves to play outside and tends to just wander and/or stand and stare into space.
He loves to ride in the golf cart and run around the course by our home.
He loves to climb up and down the steps.

He loves to watch our tape of the Sesame Street 25th anniversary which I love too.. it has many of the old skits I loved as a child like "doing the pigeon', rubber duckie, do the rubber duck, The alligator king and his 7 sons, C is for cookie.

He also loves Blues Clues, Barney, Miffy, Maisy, Max and ruby, Bear in the big blue house and the Wigles.
He loves to play with my mom's tape measure that retracts and my dad's flashlights.

His favorite foods are: milk, water, juice, pancakes, peaches, graham crackers, cheese-its, goldfish crackers, turkey, chicken, bologna, ice cream (not given often!), cheese, peas (he puts them in his ears and nose), beans, brocolli and toast!

He is a pretty good eater when he is not teething. He has been getting in his last 2 eye teeth the past 2 months and has been drooling up a storm.

he is my little doodle bopper, pumpkin pie, momma's little boy, jacker crackers and I love him more than words can say