Thursday, August 06, 2009

It must be said...

Deciding what to have everyone wear: many many hours of thought and shopping..and much indecisiveness

Getting the boys ready to go: struggling and yelling and bribery

Having the result be these photographs to have forever: Priceless

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Freddy and the Gang

Jack had left his Mysery Machine at his Dad's office. We recently stopped by and he brought it was naturally like a whole new toy again.

He has been using his immagination so well lately. I try to sit down and get him started with a story to make up with his toys..once I do that he can really play awhile OR he will use my ideas later on when I listen in on him another day.

So the latest adventures of the Scooby Doo gang went like this-all original screenplay-enacted for me by Jack:

"Daphne finds the map on the Com-pu-der

Velma prints it out and then hands it Fweddy cause they are lost"

(Shag and Freddy always seem to get to sit in the front while the dog and women are stuck in the back of the van...hmmm..not sure I like this set up?)

I can always make Jack laugh when I do my Shaggy immpression...

" Like Wow Scoob...I could sure use a pickle, marshmallow pizza right about now!"

There was a Scooby Doo Marathon on Cartoon Network this weekend...Both John and Jack were in heaven. I love that our 70's fascination with the gang has continued on in our kids.

(Pics to come!)