Friday, June 27, 2008

Trip to NY recap

We survived out 1st airplane trip -with both boys!

Jack had never been on an airplane before so this was really an exciting event for him.

We were in Corning, NY to see relatives- they are surrounded by the foothills of Appalachian mountains...beautiful country..I have no pics!

Here is my quick recap:

1- We had to get to the airport at 6 am..ugh that was tough but Jack was WIDE awake the entire 1 hr drive there and babbling about everything in sight. Clearly he was excited!

2- Joey was wide awake until 5 minutes into our drive..thank goodness he slept.

3- We barely made our flight! I had to quick buy some overpriced muffins and fold and gate check the stroller in 5 mintues to make the final boarding call!

4- Joey slept for all 4 flights-we had a layover in Detroit both ways. HEAVEN IS A SLEEPING BABY ON AN AIRPLANE!

5-The weather in NY was cool and rainy most of the time

6-We went out for a baptism and I was the proud "God- momma."
Here is our new nephew/cousin Brendan Howard
and my inlaws with their new bundle of joy...

7-The new stroller I picked out worked out great for the trip. Joey was comfy and even Jack could ride in it if needed as it holds up to 65 lbs!

8-I was proud of my packing skills. I had everything any of the boys needed throuhout the trip

9- I bought Jack a surprise out in NY-Scooby Doo gang figurines. HE LOVED THEM!

We are planning to buy the Mystery Machine sometime soon..

10- There was a fabulous ice cream shop just 5 minutes from their house..we made many trips there and Jack loved the cotton candy kids cone...

I was happy to be home in our own beds, on our usual schedule on return-something about having kids makes me ready to get home at the end of a trip...we need structure and familiar surroundings!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

cute lunch option

cute..I would get Jack the doggie..

Taken by the great

Audrey Woulard...

How freakin cute is this pic?

Makes me want a little girl and a new baby...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

pretty much sums it up

This shirt exemplifies Jack's attitude right now..3.5 yrs old..not a care in the world except his needs and wants...

perfectly happy to tune you out and just fly paper airplanes......

Thursday, June 12, 2008

going on a trip...

Joey needs this outfit for our upcoming adventure to NY

Photo shoot

I found this cute yellow chair at a antique store in St Peter...and finally had a chance to get some pics of Joey in it!

Isn't he the cutest!??

Thursday, June 05, 2008

update on Bachelorette party

Just for my friend Nancy! (HI!)..sorry I never followed up on here!

The bachelorette party was pretty much what I expected..lots of young chicks..a party bus with wood floors, bench seats all around the perimeter and 2 (ah-hem) poles in the middle. Needless to say Molly and I did not try out the poles. We just wanted to prove to ourselves we could stay up until 2 am and it didnt involve anyone under the age of 3.

I visited many bars in the Arlington, Norwood, Waconia area and things have not changed too much in the last 10-15 yrs...the youngsters start out strong and crazy and drop like flies as the night progresses.

I won't mind if I NEVER hear the song "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" ever again. It was playing in every bar and on the bus!

Thanks to Molly and the girls for letting this old lady come along!
(had a "Scooby Snack" shot at the last bar..pretty yummy!)

scrapbook space

If I could buy new furniture for my scrap space it would be these 2 pieces from Target... for sure!

On its way to stuff!

Woo hoo..finally placed my order for this awesome Maclaren stroller

I test drove it at Babies R Us last week..they didn't carry the brown and blue one..I was super tempted to get the grey/orange ...but my 1st instinct was to get the blue/brown because it matches Joey's eyes!

Cant wait to try it out!

Cool photo shoot opportunity

Olivia is offering a great photo shoot opportunity..see here for details

I am tempted to do this with Jack but I dont think he will look as "tough" and cute as Aidan did!

7mos old..a little late!

Joey at 7 months:

-eating solids such as: bananas, applesauce, peas (loves em!), squash,

-likes to chew on the spoon a little too much but he is getting better everytime..esp if I hold his little hands away!

-Has 2 teeth on the bottom and working on the top left too!

-Starting sleeping in his crib, in his room downstairs.

-Momma is sleeping downstairs in the guest bed in his room too..just cant seperate yet

-waking once a night to eat now that he has a new sleeping spot!

-Still LOVES his brother Jack more than anything else

-Can roll from one end of the room to the other if you let him :)

-Still loves to play car wash with mommy's hair and have zerberts on his tummy

-Weighs 18.6 lbs and is 28 inches long

-wearing 6-12 months clothes...more 12mos in one pieces

-smiles for his Mommy and Daddy when we pick him up from daycare etc.

-smiles in the a.m to whomever picks him up out of bed

-is very sure words yet but I sing a song to him repeating the words..Dad-dy, Mom-ma, Jo-ey, Jack-ie, Mamm-a, Bopp-a.....He loves it

-Likes to watch the other kids play at daycare...gets bored easily at home!

-Still LOVES to watch the tv too much :( -esp Scooby doo with his bro and Noggin

-When he is sleepy and you put him down to bed he pulls the blanket up over his face..always!

-Will take his first airplane ride later this month and meet his cousin Brendan