Sunday, July 26, 2009

Breaking news flash

Joey likes Raspberries!! It's a miracle...he didn't throw them on the floor or push them back at me..he is woofing them down like candy!

Makes a mom happy to see him eat something other than: eggs, peanut butter, waffles, milk and spaghetti.

Family get-together

The boys and I headed up to Hopkins to my cousin Katy's house for a Petersen party. My uncle Charlie was in town and it called for a party.

The boys had fun sitting at the kiddie picnic table (makes me think we need one for ourselves since Joey sat so well at it)

Jack loved playing the mini golf course with Grandpa Dave-thought I had a pic of this? I guess not :(

He also loved the Stomp Rocket! We had never seen this before and it was a hit with the boys.
Joey spent most of the party going up and down their stairs and playing with the gate.

A good time was had by all :0)