Tuesday, October 02, 2007

3 years old

It has been awhile...so much to say about what a wonderful boy you are becoming Jack.

Last week on Monday I brought you home from daycare with a head full of sand! Apparently you and another boy, Tristan, must have been throwing it around in the sandbox at daycare.
I convinced you to take a bath right away to get it out..I had to remind myself this would be a first of many baths scrubbing something out of your hair!!

You are a pro at potty training now...What I think worked was we took a casual approach to it until you showed you were really ready. You loved that we promised to take you to Chuck E Cheese once you suceeded and were wearing big boy undies. You love to wear your Diego and Elmo underwear and I have to say you look so darn cute in them too!

You have moved into your "new" big boy bedroom. Grandpa John came down and painted it blue and we had Wise Furniture put in new carpet. Mom put the room together and decorated it on a weekend you were up north with G & G Skubitz (just before you b-day) so when you came home on Sunday night to unveiling you were really surprised and fortunately loved it!
I had bought a race car bed earlier in the year and he hid it. You had no real problems switching into it that very night..goodbye crib!

Your favorite part is the car string lights I wrapped around a floor lamp..you like to turn off all the other lights and look at them and say..."OHHH..cool!"

You are handling the talk of your new brother coming pretty well..You can tell people he is in my Belly button and his name is Joey. I am unsure how things will be once he is really here with us but I promise you I will do my best to give you a lot of love and attention as always!

love and hugs

Thursday, January 25, 2007

misc thoughts

We are slowly starting you on potty training. You love your Diego potty seat but we cant get you to tell us yet when you have to go. Slow but sure I keep reminding myself.

I mostly want to write about how much I love that you are able to enjoy your Grandpa Dave. I was worried he would not live to see my kids...but here we are and you LOVE your BOPPA dave.
Last night we called G & G Zandlo to tell them about your potty training experience and he always sounds so happy to hear from you. You answer in either a really loud exciting voice or a very soft voice...no in between!

You asked your Daddy and Mommy to dance with you last night...I loved it. I am trying to turn off the tv and put on more music or nothing at all and just have you play. I know the dancing and running around are good for you.

This Sat we are going to Sesame Street Live- your 1st show. More later! I am excited for it!


Monday, January 15, 2007

Big news

It was a very big day at Grandma and Grandpa Zandlo's house. While I went shopping with my cousin Robyn for maternity clothes you stayed at G & g's house.

When I got back Mom told me you had gone poop in the big potty! We had bought you a Diego toilet seat and I bet that made the difference!

You proceeded to show it to me and try to flush it down 3 times!

Then you agreed to get on the potty and went pee too!!

What happens now??

Thursday, January 11, 2007

almost 2 and a half years old

You are growing up into a normal toddler for sure Jack.

You Still LOVE Blue's Clues and like to act out the songs and shows while listening and watching.

If I call you Steve or Joe you say in a disgusted voice....no JAckie!

You wiggle your butt so cute to the music and throw your elbow up -your signature move!

You are not potty trained yet but we will have to start soon I am afraid. You do not seem too interested in the process.

You seem to favor saying Grandma Kathy which bothers me a bit. Of course I want you to like Grammie Joan the best because I love her so much.
You really love Boppa dave who is big and strong and has always played fun things with you like Peek a boo, play doh and gives you his big flashlight.

You are starting to show more affection to your Daddy which is nice but makes me jealous. I always want to be #1 in your book. I am happy you saw things like " go downstairs and play with daddy" and you start to march your way to the stairs. You can now slide down them on your butt rather well but it make sup nervous..those stairs are steep!

You can count pretty good too...1 2 3 7 - seven is your favorite number
you know your colors very very well and your letters to some degree.

at grandma Joan's you can fiind and place all the letters in your alphabet puzzle.
you are a little hugh strung wanting everything to be just so and in its correct place. You notice immediatley if something is off or has been changed.
Gram is worrried you will always need to be calmed down. I dont know what to think. I just want you to be happy and you genuinely are most of the time!

You are starting to switch to eating at the table all the time..a big move!

I bought you a race car bed and we are saving it fo rlater...no hurry to get you out the crib until you jump out!

I love you buddy so much some days I hurt. After eating lunch at home and driving by Katie's house I want to surprise you and pick you up and just sweep you home.