Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jack can read

In the fall of 2007 I would say you started to be very interested in reading books to us.

The first book you ever read out loud, front to back was

Blue Hat, Green Hat

By Sandra Boynton

A very simple but funy book that makes you laugh.
We checked it out from the local library but this one became special the minute you said
" I want to read it to you mom" and you did..it made my heart melt.

We took it back to the library and I mentioned it was the 1st book you ever read aloud and the librarian, Diane Pinney, came around the checkout desk and proceeded to sit on the floor with you while you read the book to her..it was a priceless moment.

I tried to take you to the library at least once a week this past summer.
It has been tougher to get there in the winter and now that Joey is with us. As he gets older I am sure we will continue our weekly trips -
Reading stories with you every night before bed has become a ritual and one that I hope we can continue for years to come.
Some of your favorite books now are:
Harry the Dirty dog
Party time with Blue ( actually has a clock face on the front..you read it so many times in bed that one of the buttons does not work anymore)
"I spot" books
Let's Go Froggy
anything by Sandra Boynton

Some nights you will finally get into bed and then ask me to read you " one more book"...I cannot say no...I tell you "you can read this one to yourself bud"..and you give me the sad eyes and pouty lip and say "but I cant read the words mom"

I know the list of favorites will continue to grow and I am so proud of how much you have accomplished so far buddy.

Jack and his imagination

I want to record how wonderful your imagination is now Jack.
Tonight, like many nights before this, you wanted to play "store" with me.

You rounded up all kinds of items: Cd's, DVD's, 2 puzzles, and a lunchbox and circled them around you -"your store".
You always greet me (the customer) so nicely - "hello, come on in!"
You have fair pricing - a dvd was only $3,a puzzle was $2

You also love to play grocery store.. (pronouced by you as "Groshery Whore")
I almost peed my pants the day you took your pretend microphone and "annouced" over your loudspeaker that "Aisle 1 is now closed!"
You get confused between the aisles and the checkout lanes.

When we actually go to our town SuperValu store "Rademachers" you always pay very close attention to what the check out girl does. Now I see why!

Tonight was one of those aha moments when I realized I needed to stop worrying about getting everything done around the house and finish my work I had brought home (since Joey has been sick) and just PLAY with you. It means so much to you and I get sad thinking about the day when you won't want me to play with you (sniff sniff) . I know those days will come and it will make me sad but I know I am trying my best to give you a happy, fun childhood that I can only hope you will look back on fondly.

You will be 3 1/2 next month and I just stop and look at you and cannot believe how fast you are growing. I can see in your profile a glimpse of myself which is a nice change over everyone always saying how much you look like your Daddy.
I know you have some of my fun-loving, goofy personality..I am trying to enrich your life with music and movies and some of the things I enjoyed as a child:
The Muppet Show
Coloring and making cards
Dancing around the room
building houses with blocks

My wish for you, is truly, for you to just be happy no matter what your life may bring you.
I love you so much my son
You will always be my Jackers crackers, pumpkin pies and I will forever be your Non.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

And then we were 4

Joseph Ryan was born October 28, 2007 at 2:49 am

7lbs 11 oz , 20 inches
a bit early but I was so ready...he was really low and I was really miserable!

JAck has adjusted pretty well to being a big brother..much better than I anticipated!
We made it through the holidays without any major problems

but now..in Jan 08
Joey was in the hospital - ISJ in Mankato for one night. He has RSV. The very thing my sister warned me about. Joey's cousin Katie has the same birthday and had the same thing...but earlier (before Christmas) and I am hoping his being a bit older helped his case be less severe.

He may have problems now because of it. As Grandma Joan says: dammit!
He is handling it so well. He is such a good baby to begin with..so good natured. Only cries when he is really hungry. A Smiling , chatting sweetheart.

Jack just tonight told us his "baby" Max is sick and needed to go to the hospital -Daddy and Jack then played hospital in his room.
Dad said he also dug really deep to find his "I'm a big brother" book to read. He must be worried about Joey. It is so sweet to see him try to make him smile - he says silly words and danced around in front of him..and sometimes it works!

I am so blessed to have 2 wonderful boys. Life can be crazy most days - working and keepipng the house up is tough there is no denying it.
I just hope I can record all the wonderful moments enough to look back on!
I love my boys
AM (non)