Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Fun

We started taking Jack to Water Babies class at the community pool. He likes the water but is a little leary at first to get in and let go of Non.

John came with last night for our 2nd class to take pictures.
James from his ECFE small wonders class was there too..he is so cute and it is amazing how big both of the boys have gotten.

Jack is continuing to try to speak short sentences and communicate with us. It is frustrating for him and us when he tries to say something and we cannot understand what he is trying to say!

Last Friday the 16th we had a bad storm with lots of thunder before his bedtime. Jack was pretty spooked and clung to me pretty much all through it. It was REALLY great for me to feel so needed by him and he snuggled up to my shoulder like he has not for a long time. It was funny when the loud cracks would come he would stare into my eyes and then try to kiss me. Grammie Joan says he must have been trying to get as close as possible to me.

He lOVES TO read a new little golden book I bought us...I Love approproproate huh? It is amazing how he will be all wild before bed running around the room but when I whip out that book he crawls up into the chair and settles down. He also enjoys reading the fire engine book, the best little word book ever (by Richard Scarry) and the good morning farm..he can now MOOO and say BAA for the sheep and a very weak Neigh for the horse.

He loves to point out pants, shirt, shoes, socks and eyes on book pictures.

He is Very interested in the bathroom and the toilet. I am thinking I need to get a potty chair. Oh the questions never end do they? what to to help him? Hoping we can make it a smooth transiition.

love you Jack