Saturday, February 12, 2011

{Wii are slow to acknowledge its Feb!}

Santa brought us a Wii for xmas 2010..and Just Dance Kids. We just set it up yesterday..yup it took us that long to do it. And we have not taken our Xmas tree down yet. Maybe we should just leave it up -only another 9 mos and it will be up again.

I am taking the boys to Build a Bear tommorrow to make a few new furry friends for our house and Grandma Marge's apt and Grandpa Dave's couch. Then we are visiting G&G Zandlo and trying out the new IHOP by their house.

Jack had a Lion Cub mtg tonight..dinner and then a visit from an entemologist (bug guy). Bless his heart Jack did not want to hold any of the bugs and wanted to go home early..Yep no problem with that buddy.
He is dancing to ABC 123 by Jackson 5 right now on the Wii..gotta love it.
He told me he wants me to sign him up for a dance not sure that will go over in this house.

Joey is sleeping with me every night. Im going to redecorate his room soon with a Charlie Brown theme-hoping that maybe it will entice him to sleep downstairs in his room again..that or sleep in Jack's room.

Jack is happy to have his cast off and be able to ride the bus home after school.
He cracks me up when he gets mad at Joey and says.."For grace sake!"
Usually he isnt that polite but occasionally that is what I it.
I can really tell that choosing to send him to St Anne's was an excellent choice.
He was the Student Spotlight a week ago and it was in the LS paper too..everyone told us about it when we got back from Florida.

 Hoping to post more this year..Im anxious to work on my photography site but I dont want to lose out on recording my own family memories in place of it. :)