Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My inlaws came down to watch Joey and Jack today. I was able to get off work early and Grandma Kathy and the boys and I went to an apple orchard.

It was a little late in the season but we had a good time..tasting apples, picking a few and they had ponies and a playground for Jack to enjoy. Poor Joey just watched from his stroller.

We took the boys out for a short trick or treat time and then they went up to G&G's overnite and John and I had a costume party to attend.
Here I tried to capture how John tells Jack he is a half bearded man...and we told him he was going trick or treating like that. Jacks yells..No Daddy!.You're not done shaving yet!
...just a family joke.
It was good to go out as a couple again. John wanted to be an oversized horse jockey..I wanted to be Minnie Mouse or a flapper but the costumes were too I became a doctor..with Jack's stethascope 2 cookies and call me in the morning!Our friend at Gustavus. He let me try on the lion head...and spin it.hee hee

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One year ago today

you came into our lives and filled it with a love we didn't know we had room for..and wouldn't want to live without now.

You were approx 2 weeks early but I was more than ready to have you out! You sat very low for a long time and Dr. Cooley said I wouldnt go to my due date which was Nov 9th.

Just like your brother did, you amaze us with how much you grew this first year


unlike your brother you are so physical and progressing a bit earlier than he have him to copy!

We love you to the moon and back Joey.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween now...

The boys had their daycare Halloween party this past week.

Aren't they cute?

A good friend's little boy walked around the house a month before Halloween last year with a basket full of candy repeating.."Halloween now.." it was pretty cute.

Its a good thing Joey's 1st bday party was not this weekend- Joey has not been his usual happy self. His 12 mos molars MUST be coming in. Lots of crying-eating his hands-slight fever and red face and Lots and Lots of DROOL.

Poor guy..he is awake right now as I write this..late for him but he is happy finally for a change and eating in his highchair and watching his shows on Noggin. Sorry but this kid LOVES tv. We keep it on Noggin to keep it approriate for him.

Starting to plan his party and get the house in a decent state after I was gone last weekend.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One for the books

This week has been eventful..not honestly in a good way.

Never thought I would have 2 heartattacks in one week at the age of 36.

! incident happened yesterday morning:
John had apparently turned the baby monitor in our room off the night before. Once I discovered this and turned it on..Joey was crying in his room

I rushed down to check him and he is not in his crib! Where is he?...on the floor behind the door...with the crib side down and stuffed monkeys all over the floor that had been in his crib.
Little guy had climed out of his crib! He is not even 12 mos yet!..I think we are in for some trouble.

#2 episode this morning..John is downstairs with a repair guy -Joey is in the corner of the living room playing with puzzles and a guitar..Jack is watching shows in the same room as Joey.
I start emptying the dishwasher...decide to walk over to check on Joe and he is nowhere! I mean poof, vanished, gone!
I YELL for John to come upstairs..he doesnt know where he is either. I look up in the loft, in the hallway, in the laundry room...John decides to look outside-(I knew he had no way to get out there but whatever)...I figure out the bedroom door was shut ..sure enough Joey was in our bedroom. I thought Jack had shut it which he often does after going to the bathroom in the am. I have NEVER in my life been happier to see that little face peeking over the top of the bed..he loves to scoot around it holding on.

Can you tell he is a mover..and he LOVES to shut doors?? Ay yi yi!
No pics with this post..I am still recovering from my temporary nervous breakdown.