Thursday, December 03, 2009

{Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow..PLEASE!}

ON 11/30 John and I were tucking Jack into bed. Earlier that night I had a board mtg at the nursery school and the head teacher Mrs. H let me know Jack was SURE it was going to snow on 12/1. We discussed how he was SURE about a lot of things.:P

SO I took upon myself to try to minimize the negative if in fact it didnt snow overnight...which I knew wasnt going to happen.  We reminded Jack how hard it is to predict the weather and he just got mad. I aksed him how he would feel in the morning if it hadnt snowed?

Jack:"Oh...I'll be sad...(he showed us his best sad face -drama man that he is) but then I'll just..(shrugging shoulders)..just.. just do whatever I normally do."  

Me: "Well about if we have a guessing game..just me, you and Daddy"

and I cringed hoping he wouldnt wakeup his veryhardtogetinobed2yroldbrother-
So we all bet $1 and Jack annouced that we had to give him our dollars and he would keep them in his room until a winner was decided....(he reminds me more of his deal making father everyday)

So what did we wake up to today??? SNOW
Jack is the winner..he picked this Thursday 12/3.
Way to go Jack-Sven Svengaard -to be.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Let the countdown begin!

Our family had a wonderfully long weekend and managed to put up our Christmas Tree and some outdoor lights (I did all the outside work thankyouverymuch)!

Jack is way ahead of the game and wanted to write his letter to Santa last night..I was only able to persuade him to write the first word of the first item on his list. I said he had to sign his name or Santa wouldn't believe it was from him.
Jack's list consists of : Handy Manny Motorcycle, Handy Manny Work bench that costs a bazillion $'s, Handy Manny Truck with telephone,and a Cars item thrown in for good measure.
Great Job Disney on the marketing ...its working on my son.

I also convinced him to help me write a letter for Joey and it was hilarious to hear what Jack thought Joey would want:
His #1 suggestion was: "Sippy cups that LOOK like bottles" Joey will stop drinking from a bottle.
Jack knows Mom and Dad wish Joey was done with bottles and he hears us tell Joey.."Big boys don't drink from a ba-ba..they use a cup!" (then Joey throws himself onto the floor and screams until he gets the wanted bottle).

Then being the crazy scrapbooking/picture taking mom I am...I snapped some photos of him and secretly kept the letters and didn't toss them in the mailbox..Jack didnt seem to notice or choose to put them in the mailbox when I offered him the they will go into our December Daily album for future reference.

We once again have umpteen countdown calendars in the house..Jack LOVES numbers and counting...

..perhaps he is part vampire ??

Vampires are so "in" right now, why not?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Heart faces

Here is my entry for the weekly challenge..its my 1st time entering and I'm excited to be a part of a great community!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Time marches on

The first day of September...such a wonderful time of year..

The anticiption of school starting, birthdays to celebrate, closing the windows at night because its cool...opening them upon return to the house at 4 because its hot.
leaves just starting to turn, the State Fair, the cool brisk air blowing our hair around while out in the yard.

Jack has his "meet the teacher" night this evening and we're both looking forward to the routine and excitement of his 2nd year at the Little Red Schoolhouse.

He had his 5 yrd check-up yesterday and the official measurements were:
41.8 lbs and 26 inches.
He could answer all of the doctors questions completely
He passed his hearing and sight tests with flying colors.
I must admit he looked silly in the patched glasses they had him wear during the vision screening...but I didnt want to upset him during it so no pictures were taken.

The Doctor asked him what he liked to do..and he explained in great detail his Rock n' Roll motorcycle.
She went on to the next question and he answered with additional details about the motorcycle...ahh 5 yr olds brains.
He had to have a flu shot:
His Dad prepped him for it by telling him to act tough, don't look at the needle and when its done..ask the nurse "When are you going to give me the shot?"
He executed the joke perfectly..after wincing and crying while she was giving him the shot!LOL

I have been reading other mother's blogs about their kids returning to school and I must admit even perfect strangers are bringing me to tear up..just the thought of my little Jack off to school makes me sad.
I will cherish every last day of this year before he makes the final jump to kindy!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

It must be said...

Deciding what to have everyone wear: many many hours of thought and shopping..and much indecisiveness

Getting the boys ready to go: struggling and yelling and bribery

Having the result be these photographs to have forever: Priceless

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Freddy and the Gang

Jack had left his Mysery Machine at his Dad's office. We recently stopped by and he brought it was naturally like a whole new toy again.

He has been using his immagination so well lately. I try to sit down and get him started with a story to make up with his toys..once I do that he can really play awhile OR he will use my ideas later on when I listen in on him another day.

So the latest adventures of the Scooby Doo gang went like this-all original screenplay-enacted for me by Jack:

"Daphne finds the map on the Com-pu-der

Velma prints it out and then hands it Fweddy cause they are lost"

(Shag and Freddy always seem to get to sit in the front while the dog and women are stuck in the back of the van...hmmm..not sure I like this set up?)

I can always make Jack laugh when I do my Shaggy immpression...

" Like Wow Scoob...I could sure use a pickle, marshmallow pizza right about now!"

There was a Scooby Doo Marathon on Cartoon Network this weekend...Both John and Jack were in heaven. I love that our 70's fascination with the gang has continued on in our kids.

(Pics to come!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Breaking news flash

Joey likes Raspberries!! It's a miracle...he didn't throw them on the floor or push them back at me..he is woofing them down like candy!

Makes a mom happy to see him eat something other than: eggs, peanut butter, waffles, milk and spaghetti.

Family get-together

The boys and I headed up to Hopkins to my cousin Katy's house for a Petersen party. My uncle Charlie was in town and it called for a party.

The boys had fun sitting at the kiddie picnic table (makes me think we need one for ourselves since Joey sat so well at it)

Jack loved playing the mini golf course with Grandpa Dave-thought I had a pic of this? I guess not :(

He also loved the Stomp Rocket! We had never seen this before and it was a hit with the boys.
Joey spent most of the party going up and down their stairs and playing with the gate.

A good time was had by all :0)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A weekend without my bro

Hi everyone..Its Joey! I'm home alone with my mom because my brother Jack is up in the cities with my Mama & Boppa for the weekend! I get ALL the toys to myself and nobody is pushing me around.

I love to play with the THOMAS the train sets. Mom says Jack never really played with them much and I do...ALL THE TIME. I like to carry the trains around clutched in my hands if I am not putting them on the tracks. I also like to put them on the Little People Family village road and send them in circles.
I do ALL this while catching up on my favorite shows..Thomas, Dora the Explorer and Wonder Pets. I'll watch a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouses too..Mom says we might go visit Mickey at his house someday in Florida..but not until I have better Manners? What are manners?
I like to scream at the top of my lungs and bite and scratch people if I dont get my way or I dont like what they want me to change my diaper. I have better things to do than that..don't they know? I'm trying to tell them but they dont understand the way I talk yet. I can say mama and Bye bye pretty well..and I know where my nose and eyes are.
This Spring I got bit all over my these nasty gnats...Mom thinks I am allergic to them..all I know is I want to scratch them 24/7 and it makes me crabby. So I do have reason to be crabby sometimes. My mom is allergic to bugbites too- I heard her tell my Daddy she feels so bad for me...I'm milking this for all I got!
Maybe today she will take me on a ride in the bike trailer. I will have so much more room without Jack in there...I heard her tell Jack she is out of shape on our last ride..Maybe I should loan her my Big Bird book of shapes to read?
I just pooped in my diaper..gotta go run away from my mommy..BYE!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

that spinning thing...

Last night I was eating some Salt & Vinegar chips with my sandwich...Jack LOVES chips and spied them on my plate right away. ( He was eating his Kids Cuisine)

He asked to eat one and I said ok..but they are adult chips because they are extra salty...he tried it..thought about it awhile and replied...

"Mom, I like the ones with the spinning thing on the front...."

(Im thinking hard trying to figure out what he means)

He asks if these chips are that kind..I look over to the bag and the lightbulb goes off...

Spinning thing = windmill on Old Dutch chips bags...

He really is smart..I'm just slow.

Friday, April 03, 2009

16 months

Loves his rabbit..carries his around by the ears...and loves when I sing "Little Bunny Foo Foo"
Is quite real words really..just loves to scream and sqwauk and hear his own voice..ugh.

Waves and yells "bye-bye" (sounds like "ey-ey")everytime we pull out of the driveway at daycare.
Loves to ride around on his Mickey Mouse car..and push it backwards with his feet and says "ey-ey"
Here he is holding the tie to my bathrobe..something I did as a little girl with my mom's bathrobe tie too!

Likes to eat bananas, peanut butter on toast and waffles, cereals of all kinds, grape and apple juice, baked beans, eggs.

Still prefers a bottle of milk at bedtime and when he is really upset...the sucking must calm you down...not ready to get rid of those "ba-ba's" yet.

You LOVE bathtime..I have to bribe you with watching Wonder Pets to get out..I sing the theme song and you know and start to stand up to get out.

You have started to KISS pretty good..although you have been known to BITE too so we are all careful when you lean in.
You are changing everyday Joey!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happiness is...

being able to bring the boys outside after work to splash, run, slide, stroll, throw sticks in the creek ..and capturing it all on the camera.

Joey is in heaven..he can finally walk around outside and explore...unfortunately he loves to run TOWARDS the road and the largest mud piles he can find.

Happiness is NOT: picking up the boys yesterday to hear that Joey BIT another kid..hard on the cheek and left a mark. OOPS!

He is a little devil compared to Jack.

Happiness is NOT having my hubby leave for 5 days for a sunny golf vacation in FL.

Happiness IS having my mom come down on Sat to babysit while I go scrap the entire day nearby!

Happiness is finally getting Joey's room picked up, clothes sorted through, garage sale totes full.

Happiness is NOT having a laptop maxed out on memory and no time to clean it up to post more pics...hopefully soon..right after I get caught up on this weeks American Idol!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Pat's

I found it..or it found me?

I've been absent..without a note to excuse me...

I found Facebook and I have been sucked into its vices ever since...
I went to a reunion of sorts last Friday because of the wonders of FB..met up with my old co-workers from the movie theater I lived at ..I mean worked at in highschool.

New posts coming..I need to upload pictures first and my laptop is full!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I got the boys to sit on the couch by giving them both Marshmallow (peep) hearts..the way to boy's heart really can be through his stomach!
I love these two boys to the moon and back! oxoxo Non

Friday, February 13, 2009

Little Heartbreakers

Hubby and I are off for a weekend together ..and the boys are staying with G&G S...Happy Valentine's Day to all those we love!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Coming home

After a fun night out of a scrapbook class at A's with Molly and some shopping at American Eagle and Target....I came home late to this sitting on the couch...
SO precious ...I can tell Daddy wrote it but Jack must have been involved in what to write....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

15 months

Joey you still never cease to amaze us with what you can do..

at 15 months you:

Weigh 26lbs 14oz

Are 28" in height

Had your last "baby/kid shot" until kindergarten -Hurray!-(except for flu shots)

Love to open and shut drawers and have added the skill of putting objects into the drawer..closing it..and looking at me and babbling something that sounds like.."I dunno??" which I respond.."Where did it go?"..and this goes on for awhile until you pull it out of the drawer and we both SQUEAL really LOUD!!! :)

Grandma J says you eat like a truck shovel in what you like the most and then eventually eat whatever is left as well.

You are teething again..must be the incisors this time..Ibuprofen every night at 6 helps..A LOT

You want to walk around everywhere..forget a stroller or a car seat..this dude wants to WALK!

You carry around a stuffed animal (big or small) by its one arm or scarf and it is SO CUTE..if not a stuffie then a love blankies and will pull them down off a chair if necessary and then snuggle your cute little face into it like a pillow.

You love to look at books and will often pull out a basket of them and just page through all of them..nice quiet time for both of us!

Your bedtime is 8 pm on the dot. LOVE THAT!

You still love your bottles of milk..we know you should be done with them by now..but you love them so much and they contribute to the easy bedtime at 8pm!

When I pick you up at 4 from smile and waddle over to me right just melts my heart everytime! )esp when the pom pom on top of your hat waddles along with you..

You LOVE to eat: goldfish crackers, cheese, toast, peaches, bananas, bologna, bitterb buscuits, eggs, peas, green beans, apple juice, pears, chicken, pancakes, waffles and Cheerios!

Your brother is not very good at sharing with you and you have learned how to groan and cry until you get your way..or I have to step in a break it up.

You took a break from climbing the stairs..but now like to do it eveyday or night at least once..and you can go all the way up our full flight (about 15 steps) from basement to main level.

Which leads to your sudden need to climb on everything! You climb up your brothers green chair to get onto the couch..
You love to open the dishwasher door and then climb in..your bro never did this! LOL!

Thanks for the laughs and all the love buddy..we love you !

Friday, January 23, 2009

Spaghetti Supper at IC

Tonight we went to the Catholic Schools Week Spaghetti Supper at my old grade school IC in Columbia Heights. G & G Z came with us. After we ate and had a meeting with Clifford the Big Red Dog we walked down to my old Kindergarten room so Jack could see.
It was a lot smaller than I remembered :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday adventures with Mamma

HMMMMMMMMMM..what to order this time?????

My mom and I took the boys to IHOP (yum pancakes!) and Underwater Adventures at the Mall of America..It went pretty well..Jack thought the fish & sharks were pretty cool and I was entertained as well.
Joey was a trooper having to be in his stroller for such a long time..

Mamma bought them each a suprise at the gift shop...Jack had to have this shark hat
and Joey especially loved his Sharky the must be the bright blue color and sharp teeth! LOL

But the best part of all was just spending time with Mamma Joan...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Forcast for tonight:

Temperatures start to tumble after dark, sunset is at 4:57, winds out of the northwest 5-15 mph. Wind chill warning in effect until noon on Friday. Wind chills will be around -25 to -40 overnight tonight through tomorrow morning. Clear skies with lows in the metro of -17 to -22 degrees..


We are bundling up in many layers, drinking a lot of hot chocolate (with Redi whip!!) and hoping this cold spell doesnt last too long..Jack really wants to play in the snow!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I went all out and bought a $7.97 fun pack at Cub Foods to help us celebrate our 7:43pm countdown to the new year!
Jack just couldnt wait until 8pm.

Jack loved the whole costume thing and even Daddy participated..yeah Daddy!

I had bought the fixings for ice cream sundaes but the 4yr old crashed before we had a chance to make them...that is what happens when you dont take your nap!

Grandma J had been down playing with the boys all day and they had a great day!

We are looking forward to making more memories in 2009..

Non's word for 2009 is SIMPLIFY.