Friday, December 12, 2008

The S's

Santa- We went to see Santa at the Macy's in downtown Mpls with both Grandma's-had a great breakfast..the big man came earlier to our table than last year so we were able to sneak out and see the 8th floor exhibit before a big rush.

Sick- I ended up with the stomach flu -hubby was gone out of town so I had to send the boys next door to the daycare house. Thank goodness for angels to take care of them when I couldn't!

Squeal- Joey loves to squeal really loud when he sees something he likes...Dora on TV for instance.

Snow- we are getting a good amount of the white stuff this month..makes everything clean and very Christmasy looking. Just wish it would warm up so Jack could play outside in it.

Scrapbook- wishing I had some extra hours each day to document the boy's life now..hoping come January I can sneak away a few hous here and there on the weekend to let my creative juices flow.

Sunday School- Jack has been attending this fall and LOVES IT. I love that he is learning about our faith and even knows a bit about the nativity story.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Keeping up with the Clauses

Busy here trying to start new Christmas tradtions and follow through with ones we started last year.

Jack has 4 -count them 4- count down calendars to track the days until Christmas. One I made on a pizza pan with an Uppercase Living rub didn't turn out too great but he likes it..

The 2nd one I bought at Hallmark the day after Thanksgiving (one of my favorite Holiday season splurges is shopping and buying at Hallmark)

and one that Grandma Joan bought him with the the little doors you open-inside is a picture.

And lastly a placemat from Target with a spinning ornament with the date peeking through..part of Jack's morning routine.

I am also trying to document many of the little daily details leading up to Dec 25th in a mini scrapbook album I already put together. Im taking pictures everyday of what we do, eat, talk about, watch etc that makes this season special.
Jack is a bit tired of all the pictures but I've gotten what I need so far....

1st Haircut

We finally decided to cut off the was really bothering both Daddy and I...and I must say Joey looks so much better now.
Granted boys always look older when they get a haircut..but you got cuter and older looking in a good way..

You behaved pretty was not your best time of day-4:30 after a long day at daycare...but you liked holding Wren's comb and sitting on Daddy's lap.
( How about that flip flop cape Daddy is wearing LOL!!)