Saturday, June 27, 2009

A weekend without my bro

Hi everyone..Its Joey! I'm home alone with my mom because my brother Jack is up in the cities with my Mama & Boppa for the weekend! I get ALL the toys to myself and nobody is pushing me around.

I love to play with the THOMAS the train sets. Mom says Jack never really played with them much and I do...ALL THE TIME. I like to carry the trains around clutched in my hands if I am not putting them on the tracks. I also like to put them on the Little People Family village road and send them in circles.
I do ALL this while catching up on my favorite shows..Thomas, Dora the Explorer and Wonder Pets. I'll watch a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouses too..Mom says we might go visit Mickey at his house someday in Florida..but not until I have better Manners? What are manners?
I like to scream at the top of my lungs and bite and scratch people if I dont get my way or I dont like what they want me to change my diaper. I have better things to do than that..don't they know? I'm trying to tell them but they dont understand the way I talk yet. I can say mama and Bye bye pretty well..and I know where my nose and eyes are.
This Spring I got bit all over my these nasty gnats...Mom thinks I am allergic to them..all I know is I want to scratch them 24/7 and it makes me crabby. So I do have reason to be crabby sometimes. My mom is allergic to bugbites too- I heard her tell my Daddy she feels so bad for me...I'm milking this for all I got!
Maybe today she will take me on a ride in the bike trailer. I will have so much more room without Jack in there...I heard her tell Jack she is out of shape on our last ride..Maybe I should loan her my Big Bird book of shapes to read?
I just pooped in my diaper..gotta go run away from my mommy..BYE!