Friday, April 03, 2009

16 months

Loves his rabbit..carries his around by the ears...and loves when I sing "Little Bunny Foo Foo"
Is quite real words really..just loves to scream and sqwauk and hear his own voice..ugh.

Waves and yells "bye-bye" (sounds like "ey-ey")everytime we pull out of the driveway at daycare.
Loves to ride around on his Mickey Mouse car..and push it backwards with his feet and says "ey-ey"
Here he is holding the tie to my bathrobe..something I did as a little girl with my mom's bathrobe tie too!

Likes to eat bananas, peanut butter on toast and waffles, cereals of all kinds, grape and apple juice, baked beans, eggs.

Still prefers a bottle of milk at bedtime and when he is really upset...the sucking must calm you down...not ready to get rid of those "ba-ba's" yet.

You LOVE bathtime..I have to bribe you with watching Wonder Pets to get out..I sing the theme song and you know and start to stand up to get out.

You have started to KISS pretty good..although you have been known to BITE too so we are all careful when you lean in.
You are changing everyday Joey!