Friday, February 29, 2008

guests coming

today....Sara and her 3 kids are coming for a visit..hurray!

Monday, February 25, 2008

trying to keep up

So much fast.

I was home last Thus and Fri with double pink eye and strep. Hoooray for sick days.
Joey stayed home with me on Friday while Jack had a "play date" aka another mom watched him while daycare was closed. It was at Bryson's house..the Voss's. He had a great time.

Thank goodness daycare is back open..was in FL..rough life

I got to oogle and hold Joey as much as I wanted..he needed it too I think. Every night lately I take Jack and John gets Joey. Not too fair but Jack doesnt want it any other way.

He still insists on sleeping with me in our bed. I can get him to sleep in "Ma-maa" 's bed first ..his bed is starting to collect cobwebs.

Joey is still coughing..a lot. It sucks.

Jack and I went to Playhouse Disney on sat at the Target center. I bought him WAy too many souvy's. Trumpet, handy manny tshirt, rusty (for me actually;), turner, popcorn and a cup with asnow cone that he never ate and melted into super sugar juice. I secretly dumped out and told him it was bad later. If there had been a Handy Manny t in my size I would have bought it!

He danced the to the "hot dog" song from MM cute. that kid has rythym for sure.
The inlaws came down Sat and Kathy did all our laundry..I had not seen the floor of that room for months. It is just best if I am not around.

Still schemeing to get a digital rebel xti camera..will it really work better for me? Is all this for nothing?
the plot thickens...

Jack cute things lately:
He makes up songs and words and dances in front of Joe in his bouncy chair or swing...Joe loves it..he can always make Joe smile.
Still says he wants to do whatever you propose...TOMOrrow...right..his way of delaying things.

He fell asleep in the mall stroller yesterday while watching the tv at Gymboree..his head was tilted to the side and he slept so hard he had zipper marks on his face...poor thing..I carried him plus 2 large shopping bags much too far to the car..I think I almost passed out. My only exercise.
Of course then he woke up for the ride home and the entire rest of the day.

Should I get a bugaboo stroller?? hmm hmm?

Jack and I went to the dentist on Thurday am..even with my pink eye..shh dont tell.
He did cavities I guess and they said his teeth are looking good. Surprised me. He loved watching the Tv...Dora was on. The Dentist practically had to take off the headphones so he would hear him.
He wanted to have "Pictures" taken of his teeth too.. (xrays) so I guess that wont be a problem next time
He surprises me with how easy he adapts to new situations..I am lucky.

I was not so lucky..2 cavities and 2 crowns...$2grand! WTH! Where is dental insurance when you need it!
That is why I work dam**t

Friday, February 15, 2008

a day with Momma

Joey came to work with me today. So far he has really charmed everyone. Scott held him and I am pretty sure he enjoyed it.

He is sleeping me such a peaceful feeling when my boys sleep during the day.

Grandpa John is at our house watching Jack. They are having a great time. I said to Jack as I walked out the door after lunch.."Have fun!" and he yelled back .."I AM!"

Went out with Gail and Ida last night..I am glad we asked her out. She told me she was thrilled when I called. She has lots of photog knowledge so hoping I can get her help.

Ida is also into lots of neat things like TAI chi..need to check out that out with her..positive healing!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy heart day!

What a special day this has been..lucky mom to 2 cute boys and I was served breakfast in bed this am! I can't believe John thought of it. His one nice action wipes out 25 bad ones.

I had fruit loops, english muffins, oj and water.All served on a tray that he had to put together..cant even believe he found it stashed away since our wedding!

Jack wanted to sit on my lap...doesnt quite work that way dude..he helped me finish the cereal. Wow..I cant believe how lucky I am!

Joey has a bad cough still..we wakes up around 1 and 3 and I bolt out of bed to check sounds like he is choking sometimes. Hope there is not something we could be doing for him and are not!

I entered some old pics into a photo contest today at
My new photo stuff comes tommorrow -cant wait.
I also ordered a photo book and "the bearhunt" cd for Jack..overnight -yippee!

I think I have the outfits for the bunny pics decided..just lt blue but I think ok.
Going to dinner tonight with gail and Ida.
Yummy beer!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

adorable at 3.5 months

MR Bubble!

Isnt he the cutest thing?

I think so..even if he wakes me up early in the I went and scooped him up before he woke because he was coughing so much..I felt bad for him.

Poor little guy shouldnt have to be sick so little!

I wuv him


Monday, February 11, 2008

3 little bears

So Jack has decided that he has to sleep with me now in my bed every night!

It started with him just coming up early in the morning and we would go out to the couch and watch cartoons..then one am he agreed to climb in to bed and fell back asleep.
Now it is at bedtime ..he begs and I have fought it for so long..I knew once I caved it was all over..

he has slept with us for the last 2 nights..he tends to wiggle towards my end of the bed and full out ounches in the face while sleeping. It is not fun. But I am getting more sleep probably then continiuing to go downstairs putting him back in his bed...listening to him cry.

Joey has a bad cough again..started on Sunday morning...stupid RSV. I hate that he is sick and sounds miserable when he coughs. I just wanted to stay home with him today so bad. NExt week I should be bringing him in to work. Katie is going to Florida. Jack is going to be watched by different people over the week.
ON the 23rd we are going to Playhouse Disney at the Target Center. Hoping he will enjoy it!

I went to a cute shop called Pacifier on East hennepin yesterday. Spent way too much $. Got Jack a wooden banjo. Joey a sock monkey shirt for when he is 1yr old, a wooden toy, a pair of robeez 50%.
Checked out the ultra chic and expensive strollers and again decided I cant get one because they dont have a cupsnack holder in front for the child. How dumb is that??

Picked up the fiasco JCPenney pictures yesterday too. Not as bad I I thought but Jack's head looks oblong...his hair was too long too..cant win.It is either too short or too long in pics.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Too early!

Jack has been getting up at 5:30 am! I am soooo tired. Beyond tired. I have been fighting a bug of some kind too and I took Nyquil to help last night so that made me even more groggy!

He comes barreling up the stairs ..I can hear him everytime no matter how dead asleep I am..
"MOM! Let's go in the living room!"...I bleary eyed grab my pink blanket and pillow and hold his hand out to the living room couch where I try to grab a few more winks inbetween changing the channel for him and giving him "uh-huh's" every now and then.

Apparently Joey was up late last night too -according to John.
When am I going to catch up?

I started back to work full time this week....missing my little guy and remembering how tough it was to leave Jack at first.
Bubba Lou..he is so good.
His beautiful blue eyes are my favorite.


Friday, February 01, 2008

momma's boy

This morning John was gone and I had to get both boys ready and off to daycare.
I had left Jack at the table to eat his breakfast (he wanted both Lucky Charms and French toast sticks) while I took a shower.

I came out to find he had only eaten the cereal and was glued to the television...
I asked him to hurry up and finish his breakfast or we would be which he replied.

"here Mom, you eat these French toast sticks because you have not eaten breakfast yet..."

Always looking out for me..I love my guy.