Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Time marches on

The first day of September...such a wonderful time of year..

The anticiption of school starting, birthdays to celebrate, closing the windows at night because its cool...opening them upon return to the house at 4 because its hot.
leaves just starting to turn, the State Fair, the cool brisk air blowing our hair around while out in the yard.

Jack has his "meet the teacher" night this evening and we're both looking forward to the routine and excitement of his 2nd year at the Little Red Schoolhouse.

He had his 5 yrd check-up yesterday and the official measurements were:
41.8 lbs and 26 inches.
He could answer all of the doctors questions completely
He passed his hearing and sight tests with flying colors.
I must admit he looked silly in the patched glasses they had him wear during the vision screening...but I didnt want to upset him during it so no pictures were taken.

The Doctor asked him what he liked to do..and he explained in great detail his Rock n' Roll motorcycle.
She went on to the next question and he answered with additional details about the motorcycle...ahh 5 yr olds brains.
He had to have a flu shot:
His Dad prepped him for it by telling him to act tough, don't look at the needle and when its done..ask the nurse "When are you going to give me the shot?"
He executed the joke perfectly..after wincing and crying while she was giving him the shot!LOL

I have been reading other mother's blogs about their kids returning to school and I must admit even perfect strangers are bringing me to tear up..just the thought of my little Jack off to school makes me sad.
I will cherish every last day of this year before he makes the final jump to kindy!