Thursday, January 25, 2007

misc thoughts

We are slowly starting you on potty training. You love your Diego potty seat but we cant get you to tell us yet when you have to go. Slow but sure I keep reminding myself.

I mostly want to write about how much I love that you are able to enjoy your Grandpa Dave. I was worried he would not live to see my kids...but here we are and you LOVE your BOPPA dave.
Last night we called G & G Zandlo to tell them about your potty training experience and he always sounds so happy to hear from you. You answer in either a really loud exciting voice or a very soft in between!

You asked your Daddy and Mommy to dance with you last night...I loved it. I am trying to turn off the tv and put on more music or nothing at all and just have you play. I know the dancing and running around are good for you.

This Sat we are going to Sesame Street Live- your 1st show. More later! I am excited for it!


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