Friday, May 02, 2008

so big

When Jack and I were sitting in the living room this a.m. I had one of those moments...MY little boy is growing up. I caught a glance of his profile - the way he spoke- the fact that his pj's are getting short all over...

You get a little lump in your throat realizing you can't go backward..only forward.

I get that same lump when I read other mom's write about sending their babies off to kindergarten, or college..the lump that starts in your heart and ends up in your stomach and your throat.

They grow up so fast..what happened to my little guy who needed me to pick him up out of his crib..needed me to zip up his coat..needed me to open up his snack package.

How do you let go?

How do I convince myself it is good for them to grow up?

And that is when I reach over and ask him to hug me and for a moment I am just his momma and he is my baby boy again.
photo taken Winter 2006


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