Sunday, November 16, 2008

Start your engines

On Saturday we finally celebrated Joey's 1st Birthday.
This momma had been too busy and decided to have it later when things quieted down!

It was "race car" themed and lots of fun to decorate and plan for..even if we only had 8 adults and 1 older brother... who dressed in his racecar driver costume Grandma Joan made him..

Here is the race track cake..

Rough looking but it worked and people ate it! LOL!

Isn't his bib cute? My mom, Grandma Joan, made it for him..and the small navy print fabric has little owls on "in" this season-especially in the scrapbooking world!

Our birthday boy was not feeling his best..we kept him home on Friday and I had taken him to Urgent Care that morning and they said he has Roseola..rash, fever....thus the pink cheeks in the pictures.

We were giving him Tylenol and he took a LONG nap prior to the party and got all flushed.
But he still felt well enough to show everyone his latest trick..pushing his brother around in their cart.
zoom, zoom..hold on Jack!

And open presents!

He received a lot of nice things..but his Favorite was an old noise maker my Dad found in his stash of stuff .

Joey loved it so much he spun in a circle on the floor shaking it!

Jack used to spin himself in a circle too and we called it "sit and spin"

I stayed up late Friday night to put together a first year slide show-I must say it turned out great!The best part of the day..after all the commotion, people and noise..Sitting on Boppa Dave's lap to read a new peek-a-boo book..


beejo said...

looks so cute, i love the racetrack cake!

Susan said...

i love the bday recap!!!
the cake is so cute and the bib turned out great!
joey is adorable!!

michele said...

aww!! happy birthday, big man!!