Friday, December 12, 2008

The S's

Santa- We went to see Santa at the Macy's in downtown Mpls with both Grandma's-had a great breakfast..the big man came earlier to our table than last year so we were able to sneak out and see the 8th floor exhibit before a big rush.

Sick- I ended up with the stomach flu -hubby was gone out of town so I had to send the boys next door to the daycare house. Thank goodness for angels to take care of them when I couldn't!

Squeal- Joey loves to squeal really loud when he sees something he likes...Dora on TV for instance.

Snow- we are getting a good amount of the white stuff this month..makes everything clean and very Christmasy looking. Just wish it would warm up so Jack could play outside in it.

Scrapbook- wishing I had some extra hours each day to document the boy's life now..hoping come January I can sneak away a few hous here and there on the weekend to let my creative juices flow.

Sunday School- Jack has been attending this fall and LOVES IT. I love that he is learning about our faith and even knows a bit about the nativity story.

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