Wednesday, January 28, 2009

15 months

Joey you still never cease to amaze us with what you can do..

at 15 months you:

Weigh 26lbs 14oz

Are 28" in height

Had your last "baby/kid shot" until kindergarten -Hurray!-(except for flu shots)

Love to open and shut drawers and have added the skill of putting objects into the drawer..closing it..and looking at me and babbling something that sounds like.."I dunno??" which I respond.."Where did it go?"..and this goes on for awhile until you pull it out of the drawer and we both SQUEAL really LOUD!!! :)

Grandma J says you eat like a truck shovel in what you like the most and then eventually eat whatever is left as well.

You are teething again..must be the incisors this time..Ibuprofen every night at 6 helps..A LOT

You want to walk around everywhere..forget a stroller or a car seat..this dude wants to WALK!

You carry around a stuffed animal (big or small) by its one arm or scarf and it is SO CUTE..if not a stuffie then a love blankies and will pull them down off a chair if necessary and then snuggle your cute little face into it like a pillow.

You love to look at books and will often pull out a basket of them and just page through all of them..nice quiet time for both of us!

Your bedtime is 8 pm on the dot. LOVE THAT!

You still love your bottles of milk..we know you should be done with them by now..but you love them so much and they contribute to the easy bedtime at 8pm!

When I pick you up at 4 from smile and waddle over to me right just melts my heart everytime! )esp when the pom pom on top of your hat waddles along with you..

You LOVE to eat: goldfish crackers, cheese, toast, peaches, bananas, bologna, bitterb buscuits, eggs, peas, green beans, apple juice, pears, chicken, pancakes, waffles and Cheerios!

Your brother is not very good at sharing with you and you have learned how to groan and cry until you get your way..or I have to step in a break it up.

You took a break from climbing the stairs..but now like to do it eveyday or night at least once..and you can go all the way up our full flight (about 15 steps) from basement to main level.

Which leads to your sudden need to climb on everything! You climb up your brothers green chair to get onto the couch..
You love to open the dishwasher door and then climb in..your bro never did this! LOL!

Thanks for the laughs and all the love buddy..we love you !

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