Friday, February 13, 2009

Little Heartbreakers

Hubby and I are off for a weekend together ..and the boys are staying with G&G S...Happy Valentine's Day to all those we love!


Juli P said...

Hi Ann-Marie,
I love going to SugarLeaf. This was my third time there. It was awesome!
I got a Canon 5D and LOVE it!
Good to hear from you! Cute valentine from Olivia.

Juli P said...

The 5D is fabulous. I was looking at the 50D, but actually went with the 5D so I didn't have to deal with the crop factor . . .
What's your e-mail? It's easier to reply to your comments!
I took an amazing photography class this past winter and learned all about photography and how to use the camera. Outgrew my XTi.

As for Sugarleaf, if you know of any groups, I'd love to tag along with you. The group that I went with this time is not going anymore and I'm very sad about that. It was too much work for the woman who organizes. I don't know of others that go, but would love to! It is so awesome! (I go with Olivia's cousins and we are all sad to not go anymore)
I got about 45 pages done this weekend. I like to go twice a year and then that's all I scrapbook for the year.
I love the Wharf in the summer, but haven't been up there in the summer for YEARS!

Ann-Marie said...

My email is
My group is no longer going to Sugarlead either..too far to drive- but I will for sure let you know if we schedule somewhere else!

Susan said...

i can't stand it!!!
(i love little ties on little boys!!)