Wednesday, July 02, 2008

8 months old

A few days late....we have been busy
At 8 months you:

Make a cute face by sucking in your lips -Momma thinks you look like an old man without dentures :)

Have 4 teeth total-2 top/2 bottom...the 2 on top came through with a big space in the middle- Momma calls you "Joe Bob."
You make it immpossible to capture them on film though!

Like to play with a 4 sided playtable G & G Zandlo had bought for Jack for his 1yr bday. We are getting a lot of use out of it early on with you.

Roll all over the place if we let you-you seem to enjoy rolling under tables with you head peeking out like an auto mechanic.
(Momma thinks if you become an auto mechanic that would be GREAT! )

You LOVE to jump in the is so fun to see you jump and jump and jump and then rest..and start all over again.-those chubba chubba legs won't be here for long!

You still love your brother more than anyone..
but he gets irritated with you screaming when he is trying to watch tv.

You also tend to laugh out loud at him when he is getting frustrated or throwing things is hard for you to understand the difference between his anger and acting up for you :)

You love to watch tv...still. Usually we have kid shows on for Jack anyway.

You are eating #2 foods now..basically 2 foods mixed together. You have not shown an aversion to anything YET!

You took your first plane ride this month to see your cousin Brendan and you entertained everyone with your rolling and drooling skills.

You have days where you can drool through your bibs about 1 an hour and develop a red bumpy rash from it.

You love tub time...and grab onto whatever isn't nailed down. Momma tries to keep your hands busy with bright colored cups.

You are my sunshine sweetie-pie!

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