Friday, June 27, 2008

Trip to NY recap

We survived out 1st airplane trip -with both boys!

Jack had never been on an airplane before so this was really an exciting event for him.

We were in Corning, NY to see relatives- they are surrounded by the foothills of Appalachian mountains...beautiful country..I have no pics!

Here is my quick recap:

1- We had to get to the airport at 6 am..ugh that was tough but Jack was WIDE awake the entire 1 hr drive there and babbling about everything in sight. Clearly he was excited!

2- Joey was wide awake until 5 minutes into our drive..thank goodness he slept.

3- We barely made our flight! I had to quick buy some overpriced muffins and fold and gate check the stroller in 5 mintues to make the final boarding call!

4- Joey slept for all 4 flights-we had a layover in Detroit both ways. HEAVEN IS A SLEEPING BABY ON AN AIRPLANE!

5-The weather in NY was cool and rainy most of the time

6-We went out for a baptism and I was the proud "God- momma."
Here is our new nephew/cousin Brendan Howard
and my inlaws with their new bundle of joy...

7-The new stroller I picked out worked out great for the trip. Joey was comfy and even Jack could ride in it if needed as it holds up to 65 lbs!

8-I was proud of my packing skills. I had everything any of the boys needed throuhout the trip

9- I bought Jack a surprise out in NY-Scooby Doo gang figurines. HE LOVED THEM!

We are planning to buy the Mystery Machine sometime soon..

10- There was a fabulous ice cream shop just 5 minutes from their house..we made many trips there and Jack loved the cotton candy kids cone...

I was happy to be home in our own beds, on our usual schedule on return-something about having kids makes me ready to get home at the end of a trip...we need structure and familiar surroundings!

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