Monday, November 30, 2009

Let the countdown begin!

Our family had a wonderfully long weekend and managed to put up our Christmas Tree and some outdoor lights (I did all the outside work thankyouverymuch)!

Jack is way ahead of the game and wanted to write his letter to Santa last night..I was only able to persuade him to write the first word of the first item on his list. I said he had to sign his name or Santa wouldn't believe it was from him.
Jack's list consists of : Handy Manny Motorcycle, Handy Manny Work bench that costs a bazillion $'s, Handy Manny Truck with telephone,and a Cars item thrown in for good measure.
Great Job Disney on the marketing ...its working on my son.

I also convinced him to help me write a letter for Joey and it was hilarious to hear what Jack thought Joey would want:
His #1 suggestion was: "Sippy cups that LOOK like bottles" Joey will stop drinking from a bottle.
Jack knows Mom and Dad wish Joey was done with bottles and he hears us tell Joey.."Big boys don't drink from a ba-ba..they use a cup!" (then Joey throws himself onto the floor and screams until he gets the wanted bottle).

Then being the crazy scrapbooking/picture taking mom I am...I snapped some photos of him and secretly kept the letters and didn't toss them in the mailbox..Jack didnt seem to notice or choose to put them in the mailbox when I offered him the they will go into our December Daily album for future reference.

We once again have umpteen countdown calendars in the house..Jack LOVES numbers and counting...

..perhaps he is part vampire ??

Vampires are so "in" right now, why not?

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Juli P said...

Louie wants one of those Handy Manny Repair Shops as well! It's CRAZY!!!!
We got Louie the CARS GeoTrax and he loves them, comes in various sets @ target. Great fun...and the trax stay together.....not to mention they have remote control cars on them too!