Thursday, December 03, 2009

{Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow..PLEASE!}

ON 11/30 John and I were tucking Jack into bed. Earlier that night I had a board mtg at the nursery school and the head teacher Mrs. H let me know Jack was SURE it was going to snow on 12/1. We discussed how he was SURE about a lot of things.:P

SO I took upon myself to try to minimize the negative if in fact it didnt snow overnight...which I knew wasnt going to happen.  We reminded Jack how hard it is to predict the weather and he just got mad. I aksed him how he would feel in the morning if it hadnt snowed?

Jack:"Oh...I'll be sad...(he showed us his best sad face -drama man that he is) but then I'll just..(shrugging shoulders)..just.. just do whatever I normally do."  

Me: "Well about if we have a guessing game..just me, you and Daddy"

and I cringed hoping he wouldnt wakeup his veryhardtogetinobed2yroldbrother-
So we all bet $1 and Jack annouced that we had to give him our dollars and he would keep them in his room until a winner was decided....(he reminds me more of his deal making father everyday)

So what did we wake up to today??? SNOW
Jack is the winner..he picked this Thursday 12/3.
Way to go Jack-Sven Svengaard -to be.

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