Thursday, June 05, 2008

7mos old..a little late!

Joey at 7 months:

-eating solids such as: bananas, applesauce, peas (loves em!), squash,

-likes to chew on the spoon a little too much but he is getting better everytime..esp if I hold his little hands away!

-Has 2 teeth on the bottom and working on the top left too!

-Starting sleeping in his crib, in his room downstairs.

-Momma is sleeping downstairs in the guest bed in his room too..just cant seperate yet

-waking once a night to eat now that he has a new sleeping spot!

-Still LOVES his brother Jack more than anything else

-Can roll from one end of the room to the other if you let him :)

-Still loves to play car wash with mommy's hair and have zerberts on his tummy

-Weighs 18.6 lbs and is 28 inches long

-wearing 6-12 months clothes...more 12mos in one pieces

-smiles for his Mommy and Daddy when we pick him up from daycare etc.

-smiles in the a.m to whomever picks him up out of bed

-is very sure words yet but I sing a song to him repeating the words..Dad-dy, Mom-ma, Jo-ey, Jack-ie, Mamm-a, Bopp-a.....He loves it

-Likes to watch the other kids play at daycare...gets bored easily at home!

-Still LOVES to watch the tv too much :( -esp Scooby doo with his bro and Noggin

-When he is sleepy and you put him down to bed he pulls the blanket up over his face..always!

-Will take his first airplane ride later this month and meet his cousin Brendan


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