Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween now...

The boys had their daycare Halloween party this past week.

Aren't they cute?

A good friend's little boy walked around the house a month before Halloween last year with a basket full of candy repeating.."Halloween now.." it was pretty cute.

Its a good thing Joey's 1st bday party was not this weekend- Joey has not been his usual happy self. His 12 mos molars MUST be coming in. Lots of crying-eating his hands-slight fever and red face and Lots and Lots of DROOL.

Poor guy..he is awake right now as I write this..late for him but he is happy finally for a change and eating in his highchair and watching his shows on Noggin. Sorry but this kid LOVES tv. We keep it on Noggin to keep it approriate for him.

Starting to plan his party and get the house in a decent state after I was gone last weekend.

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