Monday, February 25, 2008

trying to keep up

So much fast.

I was home last Thus and Fri with double pink eye and strep. Hoooray for sick days.
Joey stayed home with me on Friday while Jack had a "play date" aka another mom watched him while daycare was closed. It was at Bryson's house..the Voss's. He had a great time.

Thank goodness daycare is back open..was in FL..rough life

I got to oogle and hold Joey as much as I wanted..he needed it too I think. Every night lately I take Jack and John gets Joey. Not too fair but Jack doesnt want it any other way.

He still insists on sleeping with me in our bed. I can get him to sleep in "Ma-maa" 's bed first ..his bed is starting to collect cobwebs.

Joey is still coughing..a lot. It sucks.

Jack and I went to Playhouse Disney on sat at the Target center. I bought him WAy too many souvy's. Trumpet, handy manny tshirt, rusty (for me actually;), turner, popcorn and a cup with asnow cone that he never ate and melted into super sugar juice. I secretly dumped out and told him it was bad later. If there had been a Handy Manny t in my size I would have bought it!

He danced the to the "hot dog" song from MM cute. that kid has rythym for sure.
The inlaws came down Sat and Kathy did all our laundry..I had not seen the floor of that room for months. It is just best if I am not around.

Still schemeing to get a digital rebel xti camera..will it really work better for me? Is all this for nothing?
the plot thickens...

Jack cute things lately:
He makes up songs and words and dances in front of Joe in his bouncy chair or swing...Joe loves it..he can always make Joe smile.
Still says he wants to do whatever you propose...TOMOrrow...right..his way of delaying things.

He fell asleep in the mall stroller yesterday while watching the tv at Gymboree..his head was tilted to the side and he slept so hard he had zipper marks on his face...poor thing..I carried him plus 2 large shopping bags much too far to the car..I think I almost passed out. My only exercise.
Of course then he woke up for the ride home and the entire rest of the day.

Should I get a bugaboo stroller?? hmm hmm?

Jack and I went to the dentist on Thurday am..even with my pink eye..shh dont tell.
He did cavities I guess and they said his teeth are looking good. Surprised me. He loved watching the Tv...Dora was on. The Dentist practically had to take off the headphones so he would hear him.
He wanted to have "Pictures" taken of his teeth too.. (xrays) so I guess that wont be a problem next time
He surprises me with how easy he adapts to new situations..I am lucky.

I was not so lucky..2 cavities and 2 crowns...$2grand! WTH! Where is dental insurance when you need it!
That is why I work dam**t

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