Monday, February 11, 2008

3 little bears

So Jack has decided that he has to sleep with me now in my bed every night!

It started with him just coming up early in the morning and we would go out to the couch and watch cartoons..then one am he agreed to climb in to bed and fell back asleep.
Now it is at bedtime ..he begs and I have fought it for so long..I knew once I caved it was all over..

he has slept with us for the last 2 nights..he tends to wiggle towards my end of the bed and full out ounches in the face while sleeping. It is not fun. But I am getting more sleep probably then continiuing to go downstairs putting him back in his bed...listening to him cry.

Joey has a bad cough again..started on Sunday morning...stupid RSV. I hate that he is sick and sounds miserable when he coughs. I just wanted to stay home with him today so bad. NExt week I should be bringing him in to work. Katie is going to Florida. Jack is going to be watched by different people over the week.
ON the 23rd we are going to Playhouse Disney at the Target Center. Hoping he will enjoy it!

I went to a cute shop called Pacifier on East hennepin yesterday. Spent way too much $. Got Jack a wooden banjo. Joey a sock monkey shirt for when he is 1yr old, a wooden toy, a pair of robeez 50%.
Checked out the ultra chic and expensive strollers and again decided I cant get one because they dont have a cupsnack holder in front for the child. How dumb is that??

Picked up the fiasco JCPenney pictures yesterday too. Not as bad I I thought but Jack's head looks oblong...his hair was too long too..cant win.It is either too short or too long in pics.

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