Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Too early!

Jack has been getting up at 5:30 am! I am soooo tired. Beyond tired. I have been fighting a bug of some kind too and I took Nyquil to help last night so that made me even more groggy!

He comes barreling up the stairs ..I can hear him everytime no matter how dead asleep I am..
"MOM! Let's go in the living room!"...I bleary eyed grab my pink blanket and pillow and hold his hand out to the living room couch where I try to grab a few more winks inbetween changing the channel for him and giving him "uh-huh's" every now and then.

Apparently Joey was up late last night too -according to John.
When am I going to catch up?

I started back to work full time this week....missing my little guy and remembering how tough it was to leave Jack at first.
Bubba Lou..he is so good.
His beautiful blue eyes are my favorite.


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