Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy heart day!

What a special day this has been..lucky mom to 2 cute boys and I was served breakfast in bed this am! I can't believe John thought of it. His one nice action wipes out 25 bad ones.

I had fruit loops, english muffins, oj and water.All served on a tray that he had to put together..cant even believe he found it stashed away since our wedding!

Jack wanted to sit on my lap...doesnt quite work that way dude..he helped me finish the cereal. Wow..I cant believe how lucky I am!

Joey has a bad cough still..we wakes up around 1 and 3 and I bolt out of bed to check sounds like he is choking sometimes. Hope there is not something we could be doing for him and are not!

I entered some old pics into a photo contest today at
My new photo stuff comes tommorrow -cant wait.
I also ordered a photo book and "the bearhunt" cd for Jack..overnight -yippee!

I think I have the outfits for the bunny pics decided..just lt blue but I think ok.
Going to dinner tonight with gail and Ida.
Yummy beer!

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