Tuesday, September 30, 2008

11 months

Such a sweet boy...but getting so old! And big!

At 11 months you:

Are 23 lbs and 75 cm

Eating all kinds of finger foods and prefer them over being spoon fed

Cheese, toast, tortillas, turkey, puffs, mum-mums, cheerios(Daddy likes to give you these in the am) peas, wagon wheels, chicken and I bet anything else I would put in front of you!

Giving you medicine has always been easy because you love to suck on the dropper..and you usually get every last drop out!

You will drink from a sippy cup..you tend to like to use the bigger ones like Jack does instead of the special baby one I got you...this may be a trend starting?

You pull up on everything and can almost stand up on your own from sitting...thats a big ALMOST.

You can crawl up the stairs..gulp!

You love to sit at the bottom of the stairs and yell for me or Jack because you can hear us up there when you are downstairs playing with Daddy.

You are generally very good about riding in the car or your stroller but time for you to crawl around everyday is a must.

You love snakes and cows!

You dont like getting dressed or having your diaper changed.

Momma tries to distract you by singing songs like "Put your little foot" or "Pat a cake" ..sometimes it works..sometimes NOT!

You definitely have a strong personality

You still LOVE your brother Jack and watch everything he does.

It is fun when you crawl up and peek at him in his chair or on the couch.

Jack will clamp on to you and whine "I want you Joey" ..his way of telling you how much he loves you...then you get crabby because he wont let go and you whine!

You like to swing at Katie's and at the park

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Grandma Joan said...

Love the fabulous photo of Joey! his Mama is getting so good at this. Yes, this little baby is growing and changing fast. He is sooooooooo loved.