Monday, September 08, 2008

First Day of Preschool!

Finally it is here...we have been driving past the building all summer in anticipation of this day.

Jack is in preschool with many of his friends from daycare, ECFE and soccer. I cant believe 4 other kids are in his class that were babies with him in his Baby class at ECFE.

We had a "meet the teachers" night last week and he was playing hard like all the other kids when he decided to yell at me across the room.."MOMMY! I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!!"

Now..he knows how to use the facilities on his own..can you tell he was excited to be there?

After emerging from the bathoom he yelled again across the room.." MOMMY! EVERYTHING HERE IS JUST MY SIZE!!"

Fast forward to today..he got ready and allowed me to take a few pics before we headed out..

I love this one..
I didnt cry at all! I think because we dropped him off and I didnt have to see him get on a bus it was easier.
Here he is when I picked him up with his teachers..Mrs H and Mrs. T

And finally Daddy and I took him out for lunch to one of his favorite spots..for chicken strips, FF and a "nanilla" malt

Good times!

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beejo said...

awww, that is SO cute!