Friday, August 29, 2008

my mosaic

my mosaic, originally uploaded by skubygurl.

Michele had posted this on her blog-I had seen it before and finally took the time to try it out. I like how it turned out..a little boring but I choose the pics I liked the most!

Here were the rules:
Answer each of the following questions by typing your answer into the flickr search engine. then pick the photo that best represents you and your answer. Then paste the photo's url into "mosaic maker" set at four columns, three rows. voila!

1. what is your first name? Ann Marie -remember the show That Girl?
2. what is your favorite food? Pizza
3. where did you go to high school? Columbia Heights (apparently there is town named this in Washington DC as well as MN)
4. what is your favorie color? Aqua Blue
5. who is your celebrity crush? go way back...Andrew McCarthy
6. what is your favorite drink? Chocolate milk!
7. what is your dream vacation? Hawaii
8. what is your favorite dessert? Hostess Cupcake
9. what do you want to be when you grow up? Flower Shop owner
10 what do you love most in life? ok wanted to put my kids but opted for my dear mom-love her So so much
11. what one word describes you? sensitive (apparently there is a flower with this name?)
12. what is your flickr name? skubygurl (had to shorten it to Skuby)

Try it..its fun!

1 comment:

michele said...

mmm! i love it!! looks so fresh and fun ... hey ... i think that just described YOU! lol