Thursday, April 03, 2008

Love these..

I may need these someday for Jack...

One night I had to put his HUGE Flounder (think Nemo) stuffed animal behind the chair in his room to keep monsters out of the corner...

Behold the monster under our bed BOMB

Do u think it works on dust bunnies too?


The tooth fairy pillow...

A little creepy looking..I may be able to find a happier looking one..I have a few more yrs I think before this would get any use..

I worry about being the parent who falls asleep and forgets to have the tooth fairy visit! :(

Tommorow night I have to take Jack to the Doodlebops concert at the X. Cant say I am looking forward to it..I enjoyed the Sesame Steet show (because as a child I LOVED SS) and the Playhouse Disney was fun because I love Handy Manny ...

But the crazy scary painted face Doodlebops..not so much------->>>>>>

I bought these tickers awhile ago when I was still very much pregnant with Joey..I was worried about still spending time with Jack...(which was a silly thing to worry about I know now!)

great I have that freakin song from their show stuck in my head.."Just get on the bus.."

nite nite


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