Sunday, April 06, 2008

Busy weekend

Whew...what a busy weekend.

I survived the Doodlebops show..we almost didnt go once Jack threw his lollipop stick at me in the car...then proceeded to wail for 5 minutes yelling "I'm sorry Mommy, I sorry" . He just wanted to eat at the McD's in Jordan and I said no -trying to get us up to St Paul in rushhour traffic.
I bought him his coveted guitar..he stood for the entire concert and "played along" - I think he enjoyed this concert/show the most out of all we have seen so far.
Sat was get ready for the anniversary party day..I was able to sneak down to Mankato to get a chin fong pedicure (u pick color..). a new outfit (Kohl's is my ace in the hole always for that kind of last minute stuff) and my hair done by my wonderful stylist Allison. I just can't get that salon look at home even with my Chi flat iron!
The party was super fun. My cousin Robyn was up from IA with her handsome boy Wil (8 mos now?) There was a great mix of relatives to honor my folks and we played a super fun game of Jepordy- personalized to my parents -nicknames, Twin City Furnace (my dad's business), Polish pride and family tree. My bro made it up and I thought it was really fun...even if my team took last place:(
Today Jack actually took a nap! Yes the rivers parted and the pope was seen flying by..Jack took a 3 hr nap willingly for us. I was able to get a little work done and then took him to Dairy Queen for supper and Horton Hears a Who..we were the only ones in the theatre-cool. He could talk as loud as he wanted
I thought the movie was just ok..not really that great for kids at all I think..young ones at least.
Enough for now...nite

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