Wednesday, April 09, 2008

too fast

The days just fly by. Work is crazy busy..the 15th of April is approaching and I am so far behind on getting the co stuff done for taxes. Also behind on Anderson & S stuff..ugh.
I just read a great blog entry..a mom wrote a letter to her 11 mo old boy about all the things he is doing in anticipation for his big 1 yr bday.
Makes me feel guilty for not recording enough stuff that Joey is up to.
I need to add more pics to the blog Iknow..our ocmputer at home is slow in uploading and it takes time. I start the process and then I get distracted by the boys needing me or it is late and I know I should just go to bed.etc...

Going to scrapbook this sat..where do I begin?
better get to work..

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Tammy said...

Hey fellow Minnesota-mom! Thanks for visiting my site!

...great blog by the way:) I see you have a few good photography links. Hobby of yours?