Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10 on tuesday

Yes I am copying this idea from everyone else in blogdom..

1) We had a good weekend. Attended a crop on Saturday at a local church. Yeah...only a 5 minute drive to crop instead of the usual 30-60 mintue one. I only got a few pages done but I was able to dust off the cobwebs on my supplies and get creative after a long hiatus.

2) Hiatus..that word reminds me of an old boyfriend. ugh..

3)Joey is sooooooo cute and snuggly Still..thank goodness- I still fear I will miss his baby stage completely -they grow way too fast.

4)Today we had Jack's last ECFE class at Ney nature center. It was so cute watching he and his little friends run around the grass looking for birds in their toilet paper roll binoculars.

Afterward we had a fun dinner at DQ with Dylan and his parents. They are so easy to hang with and talk about the boys.
Michelle is prego with #2 and I am excited to see if it is a girl or boy.

5) We talked at length about the boys starting preschool this fall. Man there is so much to figure out with kids. Which preschool to pick..how many days to go..Should they start kindy in a year or 2? I didnt want to be the "anal" mother but you almost become one when you want the best for your kids.

6) It is REALLY windy out tonight. We finally had warm weather today but wind gusts of 50mph..it looked like a dust bowl at work with the dirt from the nearby farm fields blowing onto the runway.

7) John and I and Jack all have bad colds. Hopefully mine will subside in time for the weekend

8) Because I am going scrapbooking AGAIN! YIPPEEEEEEEEEE! Another year at Sugarleaf with the gals from New Horizon. Man I dont miss that job at all..But it is always nice to see old friends.

9) I have not printed a single pic of Joey yet..that is soooo bad. Take stock in Shutterfly because it is going to be a massive order my friends!

10)Trying to decide wether to buy Photoshop elements or Lightroom. Hoping the mamarazzi school will come to MN or Chicago to teach me how to use my camera and post processing better!

off to bed...I will post some pics soon..uploading them now.

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