Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Joey at 6 months

First tooth came in Friday 4/18/08...bottom left
Still drools like crazy..needs to wear a bib all the time..which covers up his cute shirts!
Is ticklish under his armpits..
Likes to play "This little piggy went to market"
Is overall a happy guy -only fussy when he is hungry
Gets VERY excited when you show him his bottle..he shakes and puts his hands out to grab it
Tried rice cereal for the first time 4/24..pretty messy and he was mostly interested in chewing on the spoon
Can roll over! Best at stomach to back...just gets his arm stuck on back to stomach.
Still loves his brother Jack so much..he can always make Joey smile.
Will have a toy in each hand and bang them together..then let one drop and sucks on the chosen toy.
Sitting in a highchair pretty has new toys connected to it so that fascinates him at the moment.
Doesnt like to sit on your lap for too long...enjoys walking around and looking at everything
Loves to play peek a boo
Will smile at his reflection in the mirror..esp if Mommy asks him.."Who is that Baby?"
Caught another cold and that makes him cough again but he seems improved over the previous problems (using the flovent helps)
Loves with him and he will smile and be your best buddy..likes to flirt with restaurant waitresses
Wearing 6-12 months clothes
Still eating about 5 -6oz bottles daily
If he doesnt have a toy in his mouth..his hands are there.
Loves his Daddy...he will smile when he hears his voice
Goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes for a feeding sometimes at 5 or 6 but sometimes will sleep until 7!
Likes it when mommy brushes her hair on his tummy like a "car wash"
Loves to GRAB mommy's hair and glasses in a death grip!
Likes to swing in the airplane at daycare outside

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