Tuesday, August 12, 2008

9 Months old

-You LOOOOVE to have your back scratched :)

-You can self feed and love to do it-bits of cheese and puffs so far

-You do enjoy it when momma makes choo-choo and airplane noises with the spoon

-You LOOVE to watch the Baby Einstein "Old McDonald" video..the Cow is you favorite and you always squeal and laugh when he comes on screen

-You are "army crawling" ALL over the place.

-You use one hand and the opposite foot to get around..army crawl..and acquired blisters on that hand and foot from it!

-To go backwards you flip over on your back and your scoot with your legs-I call it the "croppy flop"

-You love to play by the stairs and the white gate...it only took a few minutes for you to figure out how to slip your legs through the slim opening and get your head stuck.:(

-You are getting tooth #5 on the bottom left

-Your bedtime is officially 8pm! :)

-You tend to wake up around 7am and like to play and talk to your animal babies for awhile before you whine to get out.

-Momma and Daddy LOOVE to hear you "talk" in snippets of goo-goo'a and gaa-gaa's,bop

-With your new teeth you have discovered how to make funny slurping noises with your spit and your teeth..you make yourself laugh sometimes doing it.

-You like to be sang to..Twinkle, twinkle little star especially

-You love to play Pat-a-Cake with your hands and your feet

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