Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Non's escape

aka Cousins Weekend .....

I LIVE for this weekend...granted it was back in July..but I just got pictures uploaded and I have to blog about it.

We have so much fun. These are my cousins on my mom's side and we just click and have so much fun acting 20 yrs younger than we are.

We eat, drink, sing, boat and sleep all weekend in excess.

I opted to bake a GIANT HOSTESS CUPCAKE for this years event.

Being my favorite dessert..why not make it colossal!?

I was googling "hostess cupcake" and came across this website: PIMP THAT SNACK

and after staying up until 1am the night before our big weekend...I was sucessful!! Unbelievable! I am not a very good baker or cook so I was really excited when this turned out looking ok..

Commuting it up to our family lake cabin was a challenge..I stuck it in a big silver wash tub (originally intended to be used as a picture prop)... it worked perfectly.

We have a ritual of spending a nice evening out eating "Road kill Pizza" at the local tavern just down the dirt road on Friday of all... they have KAROKE!

This year none of us opted to sing...and the people who did (townies) looked and sounded like this.. (my cousin Scott totally cracks me up!)

We opted to head home to the cabin and play ROCK BAND! instead.

This was my 1st time playing it and it was SO MUCH FUN.

We spent most of Sat on the lake...

We had fireworks and a bonfire on Sat night...

thanks cousins for a great time..see you next year!

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