Monday, August 18, 2008


Trying to prioritize what is best for me and my family..blogging takes a back seat obviously. Sleep and playing with the boys rather than watching them from the computer became more important.

Summer is winding down and I can feel Fall's crispness slowly creeping in.

I LOVE FALL..the dew on the grass in the a.m. and the crispness in the air, the start of school, the evenings getting shorter and the leaves turning brilliant shades of gold and red.

and lastly...the family brithdays start..John, Jack, my MIL and my Dad in August. Mom in Sept, Joey and I in October.

Finally I am gettting the loft area cleaned up and usable again. The boys play area on one side and my scrap space on the other. Bought a new desk at Ikea -love it so far..I'm learning the good and the bad of Ikea. Most things are affordable but the directions are lacking and if you forget a piece or they are out of is an hour drive to go back for me..grrrr.

My mom, the boys and I ate lunch there for the 1st time..pretty good food..I had the salmon and loved the chocolate cake. Also LOVED the little rolling carts they have for your trays since I got all the food and mom stayed with the boys at a kids table. Mom enjoyed the ligonberry juice too!
( I put a squirt of Sprite in there with it!)

Brother Joe won his flight at the Le Sueur CountryClub championship this weekend..Go uncle DOE!

Daddy played and tried his best..and then came home to his trophy's..the boys.

4 yrs ago on the Sunday championship day our sweet Jack was born. How appropriate..I had to call the pro shop to have them drive out to get John. He said he was playing the best game ever but flew out of there once he saw them coming for him...he just knew.

Jack went over and watched the championship round with John..he is so cute when he knows he will be going to the course with John..he gets his sun visor on (just like John's) and flies out of his chair once John walks in the door.."Let's go Daddy!"

Here they are earlier this summer..

Boys are a very good thing.

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