Monday, August 04, 2008

My christmas present

I recently purchased this shirt because I thought it was funny -if you know me I love cute funny t-shirts to wear as pjs.

So Jack comes up to say goodnight and sees it and our convo goes like this:

Jack: " Mom..what shirt you have on?"
Me: " My hamburger phone shirt!"

Jack: (giggling) "What's a hamburger phone mom?"
Me:" It's just what it looks like..a hamburger you talk on"
Jack: "That's silly mom..they dont sell hamburger phones!"
Me: " Oh yes they do..see
(and I pull up one from goggling it online)
Me:" Jack, go tell your Daddy that is what you want to buy me for Christmas...
Jack:" (still a little shocked they make such a thing) ok!"

Jack:" Daddy! Mommy wants a Hangaburger fone for Christmas!"
Daddy: " A what?"
Jack:" A Hang-a-burger fone!"
Daddy: "a microphone?"

Mommy:(pipes in) " no, a hamburger phone!"

Daddy rolls his eyes at Mommy.. (Daddy does this a lot to mommy)

Wait and see my will all be so jealous of my new phone on Dec 26th!

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