Monday, March 03, 2008

Anderson Visit

We had a great time with the Anderson's this weekend.
Sara, Bryn (5), Kie (4) and Reese (9.5 mos) came on Friday night.
The kids played and we had supper.

Bedtime was tough for Jack. He was really acting up and crying
He wants his bedroom door shut, the Andersons want it open. He is such a bossy pants.

Kie loved Jack's car bed and slept in it both nights.Wo-hoo..glad someone is using it!

We took them to Edinborough indoor park on sat aftn. Jack was not too thrilled with it. He told me the slides were for bigger kids. They weren't but that was of course ok with me being the overly sensitive mom I am.
Then Sara bought a super cool expedit bookshelf at Ikea while I stayed in the car with the kids.
We squeezed the boxes into the truck...they ended up going right down the middle of the truck seperating the boys- it was funny.

Overall it was a great visit! She is a super mom and friend and I learn alot of good ideas from her..and she is just easy to talk to.
I wish they lived closer!

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