Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things I want to remember

Isnt that the main reason mom's blog?

Jack has such an immagination lately. He makes up little stories as we drive down the road. He is either trying to figure the world out or is bored or both!

He is constantly telling longwinded explantions for what we are going to do or did do..and then at the end says "OOOO-KAY?????" (sounds more like O-hay?)

And he will end many stories with..."mee-member that mom?" (remember..)

He tends to get details mixed up or just makes things up and it is hilarious to listen to.

Today I took both boys to Olivia Wagner's new photo was a fabulous space with brick walls and wood floors. She was so patient with us and I think she got some great shots.

Then a trip to McD's because I promised Jack..he was so well behaved during the entire 2 hr appt. Olivia had some great toys he enjoyed but I was very proud of him.

Tonight John is off again to watch the NCAA tourney. He still has a few teams in it. I am glad I planned a few scrap outings next month to make up for all this single mommy time.

Tommorrow Jack and I will meet up with Ma-mma Joan at Burnsville to have lunch (yum) and get Jack some new tennis shoes. Hooray!

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Jenay said...

Hi! I noticed your post over at the Mamarazzi forum! I live in Jordan, MN and am a total aspire photographer too. Do you live in the area? I also have susan W's link on my blog, seems that we have a lot in common.