Wednesday, March 26, 2008

catching up

Time flies...when you are busy!

I drove the boys up to mom's last Thursday and then drove home at 11 pm in the blinding snowstorm that just started.

Mom said the boys were great. The best part is that my Dad helped out A LOT she said. Joey apparently loves him the most. Awesome.

Easter was good. We drove up on Sat to get the new tires on the white Denali - cha ching...then headed over to the Skuby household.

We had take out..(my favorite)for dinner and then Kathy proceeded to pack for their trip out to NY. I find it funny (not) that she packs for her husband.. and I mean EVERTHING. Right down to picking out a book for him to read on the flight...whatever.

We had a fun morning with Jack -actually I did since John slept until 10- Jack found all 6 "eggs"-actually this year the bunny put candy in Lightning Mc Queen containers and Tonka dump truck cool and boyish.

He also made a good haul in his basket..A Harry book (no roses for Harry), a mini kite, some purple bunny peeps (that Non ate most of-YUM)a bunny on a motorcycle, a chocolate Spongebob (that I just threw out tonight.he doesnt need more candy) and a Max & Ruby DVD.

The BEST part of all was I wrapped up a Rub-a-dub-dub shaving kit and let John give it to Jack. Jack LOVES to help his Dad shave..he gets to shake up the creme and then he watches naturally this gift was a HUGE hit.

I had a Dentist appt from H*ll yesterday..4 shots of novocaine, one permanent crown put in that apparently was way too big -the dentist even remarked what a "good sport" I was for sitting thru his yanking it in and out numerous times...and 2 fillings. The whole agonizing time I kept thinking about Joey smiling at me. It helped..and watching Run's house on the Tv (yes one of the reasons we go to this dentist office!)

I also promised myself some kind of treat for sucking it up and making it thru. I have always hated the dentist but I know it is important to go. yadda-yadda-yadda

Tommorow we take Joey to a pediatric pulmonologist at the U of Mn. Hoping they can figure out what is wrong..perhaps just reflux. Please let them fix it!

Tonight I took Jack to get a haircut and then to Mankato to get soccer equipment. A cool silver/green ball, shin guards, soccer shorts and he picked out 2 orange cones for pratice.

He is really good at putting one cone on each side of his head..goof ball.

Picture time now

Here's Joey and his Daddy

Here is one for Grandpa!

More pics later
nite nite

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