Friday, March 07, 2008

Sick Again!

yes Non was sick again...Mon night..the dreaded FLU came upon me. I am back at work today (friday) but not 100% yet. I feel sick like I was pregnant with Joey. UGH.

Hoping no one else gets it! To be careful we had Joey go stay with my parents until tonight. I cannot wait to see the little guy again. I miss him and have to always be suppressing those feelings while I work and now becasue I needed to get better first for him and Jack.

Jack is happy to have his mom back. He and Dad dont always get along. hopefully will end soon.

I had to cancel the bunny photo shoot! WAA!! I rescheduled for Sat March 29th..hoping it will be fantastic and I will come away with some great shots of Joey

I played around with my new rebel yesterday..I got some good shots of Jack just being himself on the couch while we watched Caliou episodes. That is his favorite show right now..I love it because he is 4 and going through all the normal questions and experiences Jack is to. It is a slow moving but interesting shoot 'em up-Sponge Bob crap.

So the week has consisted of laying on the couch and sleeping alot. We leave for Wi Dells next weekend..I need to start packing..where are my flip flops??

Hope to post some pics of Joe is a favorite of Jack from last fall


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