Friday, March 28, 2008

family time

We have a good amount of it these past 2 days.

Yesterday after Joey's appt we stopped in Eden Prairie and had an early dinner at Friday's (Jack's favorite place). It was nice to just sit back and have a good meal all together.

The dr appt went ok...I was not thrilled with the outcome but I cant complain that the dr didnt do anything. Pulmonary is tough to diagnose. It could be so many diff things. we will follow this plan for 1 month and then decide if he needs a reflux test.

I think we should do the test first and then decide if he needs medicine for his lungs.

Tonight we met Joe and Jill at the Coachlight and had a fun time..lots of basketball watching buddies were there. Joey had Karen Malm wrapped around his little finger. She can make Joey smile just like my Aunt Judy..they look alike. Joey must like the short haired blondes..taking applications for girlfriends now.. jk

Tommorrow we go to our photo shoot. He is 5 mos old today but it was too busy to take the teddy bear pics.

He has been really fussy at night this week. Crying or whining etc. He needs a bottle to help him fall asleep and then even wakes up on the transfer to the carseat.

picture time...I CAN TOUCH MY TOES MOMMA!

Joey and The Ranger.

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