Monday, March 03, 2008

Joey @ 4 months

a few days late but nonetheless..

What is he doing??

Loves to suck on his fingers and hands/knuckles

Will make low gurggling noises while sucking too

Wakes up around 5:30-6 am and squeals and "talks" really loud..I have to take him out into the living room in the am because otherwise he will wake up Daddy and Jack

(yes Jack is sleeping in our bed most mornings now!:( )

Still loves to get dressed. Now I always grab his feet and smell them and say -Pu-pu PU! he loves it! His eyes get all twinkly and then he smiles and sometimes a little gurgle laugh comes out too.

He will smile and laugh sometimes when I tickle his neck (under the rolls!) or if we blow zerberts on his tummy

Sits pretty well in his swing- will talk to the orange fish or the star if we attach it to the top

Also likes his bouncy seat..our chair of choice if bringing him into the bathroom with us

Now has a lime green Bumbo seat- I didnt buy one for Jack..thought they were silly. But I am glad we got one for is good for taking pics!

We just put him in the highchair this weekend. Reese Anderson was over (she is 9.5 mos) and was using it. He is actually better sitting up in it than reclined back!

His coughing is still bad..wakes him up about 3 times a night but finally he will go back to sleep and doesnt need to be fed.

Sleeps from about 8-6

Naps are different everyday!

Eating pattern is different everyday.-Katie says he will eat up to 9 oz for her at one sitting and the most we get is 6..sometimes only 4?

His favorite person in the world is Jack. He will sit in front of him in his swing and say silly made up words and songs and Joey stares and smiles and squeals at him.

I had no idea how great sibling LOVE can be.

He will LOOK for Jack if he is in the room talking but Joey can't see him.

He weighs about 14-15 lbs and his 3-6 mos sleepers are getting too short for him.

He likes it when I sing to him at night and we rock in the lazyboy in our room.

When drinking his bottle he will grab onto my fingers and squeeze while eating.

It is so precious I love it.

And I truly, madly, deeply love him



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