Friday, March 21, 2008

more snow and baby tricks

I drove the boys up to my parents house last night after work.

First we had a "fieldtrip" to Southdale Mall so I could get their pics taken with the Easter Bunny.

I was disappointed to see the bunny no longer wore his bright green vest and hot pink tie..It would have co-ordinated beautifully with the boys' green outfits.

They had him dressed in navy blue...boring!

The dumb-clucks running the camera decided to keep taking pics trying to get Joey to smile. Well they suceeded with that but didnt understand english apparently when I said I liked the 1st shot (because it was good of Jack) and after 2 pics...Jack looses interest.

Then we sat and Jack ate his sucker and I fed Joey.

Jack then proceeded to say: " Mom, I'm cold (in his short sleeve polo shirt) Let's get me a sweater.

Non: "ok! "(if my boy WANTS to go shopping (my fav activity) do you think I am going to talk him out it?)

So we went to Baby gap and Jack picked out this nice hoodie

Isnt it the brown and blue

He of course had to try it on first in the dressing room..his new thing after helping me a few times find maternity jeans.

Jack "Mom, you sit here (on the chair) while I try this on"

ok buddy!

One chair was for Mommy's and the other for Daddy's.

We did a quick swoop through the baby stuff and I ended up with more than we need...I do love Baby Gap and Gap kids.

We were on our way home when Jack announced in Macy's that he needed to why not go down to the kids section and use the "little toilets there" while I window shop on the way by.

We walk out with a super handsome 4 piece suit for Jack. Hoping he will wear it for my parents 30th anniv party and then this summer for our new cousin's baptism in NY. It came with an orange tie...that sealed the deal for

On to the latest baby tricks...Joey has mastered putting both feet in the air and grabbing on to his feet.

I LOVE This fav is when he puts his feet in his mouth..

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